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Bright & stylish grooming apparel Enjoy Grooming

Have you ever imagine a dog groomer could look so stylish?

Grooming apparel makes the first impression, that is why it is so important to look and be a professional when you meet a client. Neat and clean, ready to make some magic for his dog!

This is our first mission – make you feel a professional master and show everybody you are the fan of your profession! Dog grooming is not a simple way for earning money. It`s a calling of a heart – to make the world of animals beautiful.

The second and the main mission of grooming apparel – make groomer feel comfortable and protected during working day. Fabrics, shapes and smart details works with you as invisible assistant. You even can’t notice because you are definitely concentrated on the dog. Your moves are wide, sometimes  your body looses energy to hold the dog in the right position, but at the end of grooming you still look like a professional!

What about smart details? We present OUR INNOVATION – ERGONOMIC FOLD on the back that ensures freedom of movements. Stand-up collar protect the skin from contact with coat, the size may be easily adjusted by the waist belt. 

Sizing is smart, too. Sometimes it’s not really easy to determine size right, so we made shapes that may vary a little to help you to get into your size even when you are between of.

We take care of you while you take care of animals…