Incredible fabrics we use

Incredible fabrics we use

Usually manufacturers use waterproof fabric to sew grooming clothes that is airtight. It`s not comfortable to wear this clothes all day long and at least not useful for health. I changed the conception and focused on comfort. It`s much better to put on anti-water apron for several minutes (during bathing) and feel cosily all working day long enjoying grooming!

The material we use for standard models is really a DISCOVERY FOR GROOMERS as it is breathable and hair-resistant at the same time (40% cotton 60 % polyester). The item dries in couple of hours and maybe washed tens of times and without loss of shape nor color.

We also use waterproof and water-resistant materials for aprons and some items.

We introduce water resistance measure of grooming wear (due to test)  to help groomer to comply exact demands:

 ☂☂☂fresh line (water retention on the surface during 25 sec, drying – 30 sec, comfortable and skin breathing)

☂☂☂☂ waterproof (water retention on upper layer fabric, anti-water padding, comfortable for skin)

 ☂☂☂☂☂water-resistance (absolute water resistance)


black, rose, turquoise, lavender, red, blackberry, coral, dark grey