Have you ever imagine groomer could look so stylish?!

Have you ever imagine groomer could look so stylish?!

We used to think that groomer works with dogs so he must look like a dog before grooming)). But let us look at groomers as unique professionals and magicians that can apply the huge amount of knowledges in cynology, zoo psychology, dermatology and so on to make the dog the most beautiful creature in the world!

It is the most bright, unique and noble profession you could ever imagine! Groomers make the world of animals beautiful. That is why we created bright and stylish collection of grooming apparel.

Smocks, trousers and aprons are comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Fresh colors energize during grooming day. Fabrics are really incredible, breathable and antistatic. We also have waterproof and water-resistant materials to protect the groomer from unpleasant wetness during bathing.

So you have everything to enjoy grooming!

Grooming apparel says a lot about your grooming salon…

Grooming apparel is the main mark of the form style of grooming salon

You will not have a second chance to make a first impression! Have you heard this proverb? Indeed appearance of a master says a lot to a client. Neat, professional look of a groomer makes him look as a professional and a fan of his profession.

You can choose the firm color for your salon and make grooming apparel in the same or common style for all of your groomers, that shows team spirit and uniqueness of your grooming salon. You can also put the logo on and make the name identification so clients will know who exactly groom his dog.

Grooming uniform is the best way to show the style of your salon. If your salon specializes in creative grooming, you can choose bright color for apparel (turquoise, rose), for glamour style also suits rose, coral. Natural grooming or show grooming style will be emphasized by black, grey, dark blue or blue colors.

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