Dog Groomer Smock COMBI waterproof

$48.00 $43.20


❥ Protects against the water during bathing.
❥ Due to combination with leopard or firework print it looks trendy and practical.
❥ Size can be adjusted by the waist belt.
❥ Stand-up collar protects the skin from contact with hair.
❥ Water-repellent leopard or firework insert replaces protective apron while bathing.
❥ Ergonomic fold on the back ensures comfort and freedom of movement.
❥ Length: 75-80 cm.
Recommendation on grooming style: the jacket is easy to match with pants of the same or contrasting color.
 Fabric: 100% polyester, 100% polyester with antiwater covering (antistatic)
✓ anti-static (does not pick up hair and small fibres)
✓ dries quickly
✓ skin comfort
Sizes: XS(2) – XXL(22). US & UK sizing
The example is on the photo
Please keep in mind!
When you choose the color in variations first is the main color, second is additional (details` color). Color may vary slightly depending on the computer monitor.
If you prefer some changes in the item it becomes non-returnable.
If you have any questions about model, size or etc. don`t hesitate to contact me.


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