Dog Groomer Top KIMONO

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  • ❥ Grooming top KIMONO has a loose-fitting style and allows to move freely.
    ❥ Stylish, formal and professional look.
    ❥ Size can be adjusted by the waistbelt.
    ❥ Stand-up collar protects the skin from contact with coat.
    ❥ Front parts maybe changed during grooming day and make groomer look neat.
    ❥ Length: 80-85 cm.Recommendation on grooming style: the blouse can be combined with pants of the same or contrasting color.
    Fabric: 40% cotton, 60% polyester (antistatic)
    ✓ fresh and untouchable for skin
    ✓ breathableSizes: XS(2) – XXL(22). US & UK sizing

    The example is on the photo
    Please keep in mind!
    Color may vary slightly depending on the computer monitor.
    If you prefer some changes in the item it becomes non-returnable.

    If you have any questions about model, size or etc. don`t hesitate to contact me.

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Black, Blackberry, Coral, Rose, Turquoise, Vinous


XS (2), XS (4), S (6), M (8), M (10), L (12), L (14), XL (16), XL (18), XXL (20), XXL (22)


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